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A Man In Gurgaon Travels 700 km Just To Teach Village Kids In Uttarakhand.

A School in Dehradun that was started in the British Era named Timli Vidyapeeth with the aim to teach Vedic technique and to implement them with modern education. It was the only Sanskrit school in the Garhwal Himalayas that was recognized by the united provinces. At that time there 100 students studied in this Himalayan Sanskrit School.

When Ashish Debral, the great-grandson of the school’s founder in 2013 realized that only three students remained in the school and he found that the people are moving away from their own village to urban places to educate their children or employment, and this is the main reason the population of Timli decreases consequently.

Then he finally decided to utilize his education and experience to bring back to his life what seemed like an old, lost school heritage.

“It is unfortunate that just three students were left in the school due to migration from villages and poor quality of education in government schools of remote Himalayan villages,” Ashish told The Better India.

“Since I have completed my primary education from that school, it was always on my mind,” he told TBI, adding that “I wanted to revive our heritage. We set up a centre of excellence in 2014 and launched Timli Vidyapeeth with modern Science and technology-which is a need of today’s era.”

The school was started with 31 admissions. They had only two classrooms sometimes four after the lunch, because Ashish works very hard to keep the wheels running.

Ashish is 34-year-old and currently works in British Telecom in Gurgaon. Every weekend he travels about 700 km to Timli, Just to oversee the functioning of the school.

His professional commitment never came in the way of his dedication to teach the students. In fact, he also plans to set up a free health centre for senior citizens! Timli Vidyapeeth, in return, is thriving as a rural school.

The opportunities they offer will help the students in their future. “Recently, we have become the first school of rural Uttarakhand to start Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Mindfulness Programmes in our primary education centre,” Ashish shared.

And Now Timli Vidyapeeth has a lot to offer their students. You can check out their Facebook page, and can understand how they are helping future farmers, traditional craftsmen and researchers. This type of dedication India needs to remove illiteracy.