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81 Years Old Japanese Woman Launches Her First App, After Learning How to Program

It’s a true saying that you are never too old to learn something new. Here we have a story of a lady who in her 80 years of age learned to program and was able to launch an iPhone App.

We see technology are updating these days. The Younger generation is involved in these changes. They understand technology well. It doesn’t mean that older generation is not capable to learn and understand how to use a computer or a smart phone. It is easy to learn to these, it just needs a determination to do so.

We see older generation hesitate in learning about new technology and computers but we do have exceptions in every field.

According to a research that internet usage has increased by 150% among people who belong to the age group of 65 years and above between 2009 and 2011. Facebook and Skype help to keep older generation connected with their family and friends.

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Katherine Sellen, she is a researcher at the technologies for Ageing Gracefully Lab at the University of Toronto in Canada. She says if you want to grow gracefully then you must be socially active. Keeping yourself socially active uplifts the mood.

Masako Wakamiya: A former banker

She was a former banker who retired at the age of 60. She was caring for her mother but as she wanted to do things to fulfill her desire and she wanted to keep her connected with the world and people.

She is an ambitious lady. She decided to buy a computer for herself and learned to install it. She learned to log on to the internet all by herself. She joined an online community which was for people older than 60 years. It was a new beginning for her towards her career and a new life. She launched a blog of her own which she used to share her travel experiences with her readers.

Being a creative lady; she learned to create the Excel art where she used authentic Japanese designs. She designed patterns which could be used to print book covers, fans and gift bags. She loves designing as its fun and enjoys her work.

She says designing does not require experience; you need to be creative, innovative and a little bit of a playful mind is enough to do the work. She also emphasizes that age doesn’t matter in the art of designing.

She says technology provides the wings towards a brighter future. She motivates seniors to learn the new technology so that they can interact with their grand kids online if they want to. She runs an online group (Mellow Club) with the goal of promoting friendship and contributing to the society. Mellow Club is a senior citizen group which teaches the art of information technology.

If you think Wakamiya had enough of learning but wait “NO” she started studying programming for six months. She used her knowledge to create an App (Hinadan).

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The App Hinadan is inspired by the celebration of Girl’s Day in Japan. The dolls on the app are dressed in the traditional Japanese wear. There are 12 dolls which need to be correctly placed in 4 levels. A beep sound will ring when a doll is moved to the wrong position.

Twelve dolls need to be placed in the correct order, once the dolls are placed in the correct order the games end. She was a speaker at TEDx talk where she spoke about her experience with information and technology.

Wakamiya told Mashable she wants elderly people to learn the new technology hence she created this App. She says there are a lot of Apps for young generation; her motive was to create one which could be used and enjoyed by elderly people.

She indeed pushes us to achieve to never give up. Surmising this I would say that she is young at heart and is a motivation to a lot of young lives to follow their dreams.