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10 Amazing Facebook Facts I Bet You Don’t Know

  1. The most average Facebook user has at least 130 friends. Do not be worried about your popularity as that is a pretty good number. Women tend to have a higher number of friends in their list. Factually speaking, most people only interact with 5-7 people in their list on a regular basis.
  2. A survey done in 2010 of Facebook users, found that 70% of the people whom were male—discovered that 25% of them had been “dumped” by their other halves on Facebook, it is usually done by changing the relationship status. Although its worrisome, its good news that majority of the people are not splitting up via Facebook.
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  4. Facebook does not allow pictures of mothers breastfeeding their child. This in fact raked up a controversy by breastfeeding mothers saying that there is nothing revealing about such a natural act. This came from a website that allowed pictures of the users in thongs and bikinis and plenty of PDA. It also happened paid to advertise on it’s for a dating website which had a topless model. But it had to take it down, as some angry women called out its double standards.
  5. Facebook causes 1 in 5 divorces, before all the internet brouhaha, it was usually the tell-tale lipstick on the collar. Then came the giveaway SMS or texts that were major causes of a divorce. Since then 1 in 5 marriages dissolve due to one of the social networking site like Facebook, according to a survey.
  6. Al Pacino was the first guy to be on Facebook. When the website started, the home page featured a sad looking blue guy staring down. They took him down in 2007 unless you were a Facebook user before 2007, you have no idea what are we talking about. About the sad looking blue photo was actually of Al Pacino made foggy with ones and zeros.
  7. 36% of users check Facebook, Twitter or texts after sex. There was a time when people lit a smoke after sex, but I hear that it is very yesterday to do that.

    October 2009, a study by Retrevo suggests that social networking sites have become an extremely important part of a young person’s life. In the age group of under 35, 36% admitted that they texted, checked their Facebook and tweeted after sex. 40% admitted they did all the above while driving. 64% said they do at work, and 65% while on a vacation.

  8. Source : Giphy.com

  9. Over 350 million people today are suffering from what is known as Facebook Addiction Disorder. It has been termed as FAD. US psychologists are for people who are so into it that it has begun to affect their normal routine, loss of productivity, unable to concentrate, the superficiality of friendships and isolation in extreme cases.
  10. Facebook users have lower grades than non-using people. A new study by doctoral candidate Aryn Karpinski of Ohio State University and her co-author Adam Duberstein of Ohio Dominican University, college students who are constantly on the networking sites have lower GPAs compared to those who are not.
  11. Burger King did an experiment that gave away free burgers to those who unfriended people on Facebook. In January 2009, in a campaign Burger King titled “Whopper Sacrifice” in which they rewarded those users who publicly unfriended 10 people from their list, who would then receive a message informing that they were unfriended for a free burger. Over 250,000 friends were sacrificed.